Project Date
Tools Used
UrbanFootprint, QGIS, OpenStreetMap, Aerialod, Blender, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

A cartographic series exploring Madison WI (and Dane County), following the 30 prompts for the month of November provided by @tjukanov, known as the #30DayMapChallenge on Twitter.

Day 1


Pulled the street tree dataset from @CityofMadison and categorized each species by fall foliage color.

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Day 2


A quick map using @CityofMadison sidewalk and bike path data to visually mask over the road network. Shows areas with less walking infrastructure.

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Day 3


Wanted to see where #MissingMiddle housing types and density already exists in Madison. First filtered land use data from UrbanFootprint down to parcels w/ townhomes or that had 2-4 dwelling units. Then filtered out parcels that didn’t fall between 16-30 DUs/acres.

I was mostly curious to see which areas already contained these housing types + density from a morphological perspective. There seems to be some concentration in Vilas, W Wash, along E Johnson, south of Willy St. And quite a spread around Atwood.

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Day 4


Before the Ho-Chunk Nation was displaced and the area was proposed as the state capital, what was the landscape like? Data from @WDNR @UWMadison indicates oak forest w/ prairie + marsh, as surveyed mid-1800s.

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Day 5


Last April, @WisBrewingCo hosted a fundraiser featuring 5 Ukrainian beers made by Madison breweries! $30k raised in relief funds—grab your next 🍻at @GrumpyTrollBrew @greatdanepub @GiantJonesBeer @WorkingDraftBC @vintagebrewer

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Day 6


Used power lines from @openstreetmap to create a fictional #transit network for squirrel commuting throughout the greater Madison WI area. 🐿

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Day 7


Overlayed new buildings by decade built to animate the transformation of farmland to city. Aerial image from 1937 @UWDigiCollec. Building footprints and parcel reference data from @UFPlatform.

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Day 8


Madison has more effigy mounds than any other city in the US, made by the Ho-Chunk Nation. But I only found 24 on @openstreetmap — should we organize a Madison mapathon to add more?

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Day 9


You can bike a scaled model of our solar system from @MononaTerrace to Mt Horeb—about 23 mi representing the 5.9B km from the 🌞 to Pluto! Planet Trek Dane County by @UWSpacePlace

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Day 10

A Bad Map

I give this map an "F" for...
❌ Fake data
❌ Failing red-green color blind accessibility
❌ Football...not a huge fan (sorry, Wisconsin!)

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Day 11


Denial rates for home loans in 2018/19 by census tract, with HOLC redlined areas (Grade C + D) from 1937 outlined as an overlay. #HMDA data from @CFPB. Mapped with @qgis @UFPlatform.

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Day 12


Counties I've lived in to scale with the county I currently live in. With each of my home locations coincident with the image centerpoint.

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Day 13

5 Minute Map

Quickly mapped streetlights from @CityofMadison data portal, added a quick glow in @UFPlatform on a dark basemap, and played with some opacity effects in Figma. ⏲

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Day 14


Hexbin map made in QGIS with resident + job estimates based on @UFPlatform’s land use data.

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Day 15


Mapped with @UFPlatform, showing just parcels with agricultural land use. 🌽

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Day 16


Blanketed in snow, the five lakes frozen over. Illustrated in @figma.

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Day 17

Map w/o a Computer

What defines our neighborhood? Asked neighbors which features are the boundaries of our Madison neighborhood. Cut their answers out of colored vellum & overlaid those on a drawing of the boundaries to show overlapping areas.

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Day 18


Walk + run + bike access sheds to @CityofMadison's 108 polling locations. Calculated by @UFPlatform walk access module. Well, get there however you can! GO VOTE, Wisconsin!

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Day 19


Madison and its 50 closest neighbors, in terms of latitude (43.0722° N).

See the interactive map
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Day 20

My favorite…

Only map so far that predates the challenge—this one was from our wedding last October. A map to share our favorite spots in our new hometown with all our visitors! 🍁

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Day 21

Kontur Population

Decided to add a comparative layer to make it a bit more interesting than just pop! Pulled raster crop coverage data via CropScape.

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Day 22


Frank Lloyd Wright designed a total of 33 buildings for his hometown of Madison WI between 1893-1959. But nearly half went unbuilt (at least in the location of their original design). Based on 2017 article by @CapTimes

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Day 23


At which bike crossings will you encounter the most/least cars? Road segment counts from @CityofMadison as scaled symbols at intersections with primary bike paths.

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Day 24


Fantastical Rail Connections…but could an intercity @amtrak station in Madison WI linking to Milwaukee/Chicago & Minneapolis be a real thing?? 🙏

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Day 25

Two Colors

🔵 Madison WI areas where you can reach ALL of these in a 30* min round trip walk:
☑️ School
☑️ Grocery Store
☑️ Hospital/Clinic
☑️ Transit Stop
☑️ Park
🔴 >30 min walk to ALL

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Day 26


What if, instead of a city surround by lakes, Madison was a chain of islands? Inverted lake bathymetry from @WiscLimnology and mapped using #aerialod.

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Day 27


Theaters, venues, concerts, etc, past and present along Madison's State Street corridor.

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Day 28


Coming in at the last minute after a lot of wrestling with #blender3d (first time!). Employment estimates by category from @UFPlatform.

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Day 29

Out of my comfort zone!

First time georeferencing a raster map from @wgnhs and overlaying it on a DEM created in #Blender3d.

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Day 30


Here’s an iteration of my Day 25 map showing places that could be 30 Minute Cities in Madison, but are missing 1 of the 5 qualifying categories. Using @UFPlatform walk analysis module.

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